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Why Should You Sell Your House?

At PRO Home Buyers LLC, we understand that it might sound too good to be true that someone is willing to offer you cash now for your house. Considering that we don’t even care about the condition, cleanliness, or scope of necessary repairs, we know that you have questions.

FAQ Sell House RI

Are You a Listing Agent?

We are not licensed sales agents or brokers, and your home is not getting included on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for the Rhode Island area. We are not helping you sell your home; we are offering to buy it in cash.

That means there are no unexpected showings, no agents to deal with, and no closing costs. We are the only ones buying your home, and we pay you in cash at closing.

What is My Home Worth?

Real estate investing is like any other industry in that we seek out inventory that falls below the average market price so that we can maximize our profits. As a result, your home is likely not worth as much as you would hope that it would be, meaning you probably are not going to get a significant windfall.

What we can promise you is that all of our offers are as fair as we can make them. And because our proposals are no-obligation, you don’t have to agree if you prefer not to.

FAQ Sell House RI
FAQ Sell House RI

How Do You Know What to Offer?

We remain an experienced team of real estate investment professionals who know how to price both offers and sale listings to make a deal. We first begin by researching similar properties in the area, as well as using other factors and metrics to determine the best pricing for everyone.

There is also the consideration that many of our sellers are not looking to make a significant profit on the home, but merely step out from the debt that it is causing them. We guarantee the fairest cash offers possible to help more area residents find their financial independence again.

What Fees Do You Charge?

If you were to list your property through a traditional real estate agent, you wind up paying a ton in closing fees. You pay commissions that come out of your profits that go to the agent, the broker, the title company, and other necessary service trades.

Choosing us, however, means not spending a dime in fees, and we even pay for all the repairs that your home needs. We take on the risk and offer you a way out from your upside mortgage, making it a win-win scenario for both sides.

FAQ Sell House RI
FAQ Sell House RI

Can I Reject Your Offer?

Our team has bought and sold properties long enough to understand that the right offer is not always the one that sellers are willing to accept. When we make you an in-writing cash offer, you can reject it without worry.

Offers are not final agreements and rejecting them does not put you at legal risk. Until the final deal gets signed, nothing gets set in stone, and you can walk away.

Am I Better Off with a Realtor?

Selling a property with a real estate listing agent means having a dedicated representative. In exchange for a commission based off of the final sales price, they handle all research and selling services, as well as scheduling contractor services.

Unfortunately, selling with an agent is also an arduous process and one that can take months to complete. And considering that you likely won’t find success listing your home in as-is condition, we are probably going to remain your ideal solution.

FAQ Sell House RI
FAQ Sell House RI

I’m Not Comfortable Sharing My Information

These days, it seems as if our personal details are everywhere. If the process begins making you uncomfortable, or you aren’t feeling safe sharing your information with us, you just need to let us know.

Our process gets built around no-obligation cash offers. As long as you stay the owner, you decide whether or not to accept our terms

What Homes Are Your Team Buying?

Because Pro Home Buyers LLC is an investment group, we cannot share what our specific search criteria might be. However, we can tell you that we buy numerous homes throughout the community regardless of condition.

You can always tell us about your property, and we think it’s a solid fit, we’ll reach out and discuss it further. Chances are, even if it isn’t entirely what we’re in the market to buy, we may still make you an in-writing, in-person cash offer today.

FAQ Sell House RI

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