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We Buy RI Houses

As a team of local Rhode Island real estate investors, we have spent years developing a process that makes it simple to back out of a house you can’t afford without the hassle. There is no more wasting weeks at a time with traditional listing methods when we can purchase your home in cash today.

PRO Home Buyers adheres to a set of buying criteria we’ve developed that achieves results, and if your house matches what we look for, then you are in luck. Regardless of what the condition of your property might be, we want to help you sell now.

Whether the payments have become more than you can manage, or you no longer want to keep your place, we offer a solution that works each time.  If you can’t afford to go another day stuck with your house payments, then let us help you now.

When you need to sell your house fast, our team stays prepared to make you an offer right away. Call our team, and we will help find you a solution that works for your needs today.

Need To Sell Your House Fast?

Get Your Free, Fair, Cash Offer Now. We purchase "As-Is". There are never any obligations, and no high pressured negotiations. Avoid paying real estate commissions.

Do You Have an Unwanted House?

Most people dream of owning a house, but others can’t seem to sell properties fast enough. That is especially true if they never purchased it in the first place, or they have suffered extreme structural issues.

There are several reasons why owners would need to sell a piece of property, as well as plenty of opportunities that can’t wait. Whether you bought it as an investment that doesn’t generate results or there is a problem that is forcing you away, our team is prepared to make you an offer now.

Listing your home with a local real estate broker takes time and resources that you likely don’t have to give. And if a contract falls apart at the signing table, it means starting the entire process over again from the start.

When you have a house you can no longer keep, we can pay you cash fast for your listing now. Stop living with homes you can no longer afford and get out from under it today.

Do You Need to Sell Your House Fast?

There is a surprising number of reasons why someone would need to sell their house as quickly as they can. Everything from harassing debt collectors to unexpected situations can force them to look for alternative options.

If you discover yourself in any of the following predicaments, you can count on us to review your home to see if it meets our purchase criteria. If we believe it’s a candidate for our investment process, you’ll receive a cash offer today.

Choose us whenever you can no longer hold on to your property. We remain the trusted choice for more motivated sellers, including:

  • Estates/Inherited Homes
  • Vacant Houses
  • Owners Not In State
  • Bankruptcy & Foreclosure
  • Over Leveraged Homes
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Structural Issues
  • Late/Behind Payments
  • Problems with Title
  • Rental Tenants Issues
  • Divorce Settlements
  • Career Relocation
  • Fire Damage
  • And many more areas of concern.

Whatever the reason for why you need to sell, we can make you a cash offer in writing now. Stop wishing you could get out of your home payments and let us make it simple today.

Let Us Stop Your Foreclosure

Most homeowners are terrified of winding up in the foreclosure process. Once it begins, they may think that they are now out of options.

However, choosing us can help you in putting an end to your foreclosure status. What many don’t understand is that as long as the home hasn’t already gotten sent to auction, you can likely make up the payments to your financial institution.

Even if you are far behind on your mortgage, our team remains the best choice for your situation. We will take over your payments, and also make your back payments, keeping you from foreclosure and preventing damage to your credit.

When you are running out of choices, and the bank is breathing down your neck, you need someone who can help you now. Call us now to have us give you a cash offer for your home and stop the foreclosure process.

What If I Change My Mind?

Sometimes, it takes receiving a way out to determine that it isn’t the way that you want to go. Because of that, some are wary of accepting a purchase offer because they feel it ties their hands.

When we hand you an in-person written cash offer is just that; it’s a potential purchase that we are willing to make with you. However, there is absolutely no obligation, and most sales still require a few days for a local title company to put the contract together.

No matter what your reason may be for not accepting the offer, you don’t need to worry about potential liability. You are not getting backed into a contract, and the house remains in your possession until the exchange has gotten made.

If you decide to change your mind and not sell, we will understand and cancel the offer. In more ways than one, we make the home selling process straightforward for you.

Sell My House RI

Keep Your Sale Profits

More often than not, selling your home with a real estate agent provides you with a fraction of what you thought your house would fetch. Even if you were to receive your exact listed amount, you’re not going to keep nearly what the buyers provide.

Using a brokerage means a mountain of expenses related to the sale of your listing. A portion of your profits gets spent paying the real estate agent, the broker’s commission, closing fees, title expenses, and more.

And if your home isn’t in perfect condition, you likely will need to spend thousands getting it ready to show. When you’re already behind on payments, you can’t afford new flooring, paint, and repair costs.

Instead, we offer a faster way to get out of debt that you can trust. Call PRO Home Buyers for your cash offer.