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As a homeowner, the word “foreclosure” is the scariest term in your vocabulary. Having a home go to foreclosure will only hurt your credit, making it difficult to every own a house again, as well as find work.

Foreclosure doesn’t happen overnight, but it does seem to take up every waking moment. When you are upside in your house payments, it may look as if it is inevitable.

However, Pro Home Buyers LLC wants you to know that you can skip the foreclosure process by selling your property to us. We can provide you a fair cash offer today to get you out of debt now.

Read on to discover how you might avoid foreclosure, as well as receive cash for your home regardless of back payments or condition. No one helps more Rhode Island prevents foreclosure as we do.

Speak to Your Lender

Believe it or not, many loan service providers would attempt to work with you so that you don’t foreclose on your home. In fact, the more payments that you wind up missing, the more money that they are now out.

Whether that means readjusting your loan details, receiving a different rate or monthly payment amount or another type of assistance, it never hurts to call them when you find yourself falling behind. While you’re not likely going to receive a miracle, every little bit you can save will help.

See if They’ll Agree to Short Sales

A short sale has similarities to a foreclosure, but it saves your credit from getting damaged. A short sale occurs when an institution agrees to purchase the house back when it undervalues.

Unfortunately, not all lenders will agree to do this, and it is rarely a simple process. Despite how popular this option has become, it isn’t always the best option or an available one to you.

Obtain a Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure

Neither you nor your lender wants to see your home go to foreclosure. Although they may not agree to a short sale, they may decide to a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

How it works is by proving your economic hardship and transferring the ownership back to the lender, you are no longer responsible for your mortgage payments. Unfortunately, this process takes a lot of work, and your lender may force you to list it first to see if it will sell traditionally.

You will likely still need to come up with at least the owed interest amount before they will retake property ownership. Because most homeowners still need to come up with that amount, it’s often not the best course of action.

Sell Through a Realtor

The typical person who sells their property through a certified real estate agent either needs the freedom to move, or they can no longer make their payments. Realtors know what their local market is like, as well as what your home should get priced at to sell in current conditions.

Of course, selling through them also means a ton of closing fees, commissions, and other ways to lose out on your total profits. And if the house doesn’t receive any buyer attention at all, you are now even further behind on your mortgage payments.


Sell Your Home Yourself

What many people don’t realize is that you don’t need a brokerage to list your property. As is the case with any assets in your possession, you can sell it to anyone that you please.

However, that also means that you are selling blind with little to no informational resources, and you have no way of verifying income or credit. Although selling your home on your terms is convenient, it isn’t always the safest solution.

Sell to Us for Cash

We make offers, in cash, to more area residents upside in their mortgages. By selling to us, they can walk away from whatever amount they may still owe on it.

We take over the payments, as well as back payments, to free you from remaining the owner of a home you can no longer afford. From there, we pay closing fees, repair costs, and other expenditures so that you don’t have to.

Ready to Sell Your House?

As you can see, we offer a fast and reliable way to get out of your upside-down mortgage payments. Selling to us means no realtors, lenders, or other party getting involved, and you don’t pay a thing.

Call today for your cash offer. Pro Home Buyers LLC remains the best decision more homeowners make.

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